About Us

We are a team of young minds who are tech enthusiasts. Our primary motive is to provide Tech updates to the people who don’t have enough time in their life to get updated on all these tech news on their own and who want to make their very own WordPress or Blogging Website on their own.
We have an intention to provide them updates regarding WordPress, Digital Marketing, Android and much more.
We will provide them the best digital marketing updates and the hacks. So that they can use those hacks and updates to grow their online business.
we will also provide them the best WordPress techniques so that they can make their WordPress website on their own and by using these WordPress tricks they can make their site or blog perform and look better.
Also, we review different applications from PlayStore and try to provide the best apps according to our different point of view. Our motive behind this is that everyone can use the best apps available, on their android without even trying using different-different apps which will save their precious time and will help them with what they have been finding from so long.
So, this is our goal, and this is who we are “Tech Biason.”

Our Team

Kamal Nanda

This is Kamal Nanda. He is a B.tech Computer Science Graduate and is a tech lover. He loves to try different apps available on the Playstore and writes on android. Also, He loves writing quality blogs Digital marketing and much more. 
His way of writing blogs is a bit different from others which we hope everyone will love. Moreover, he handles the Instagram and Facebook page for Tech Biason.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WordPress Development
  • Social Media Optimization/Management
  • FL Studio
  • Video Editing


Singing, Playing Guitar, Drawing, Reading, Cooking.


This is Sumit. He is having a bachelor degree in computer applications. He loves to try various digital marketing tools and techniques. Apart from digital marketing, he is also a tech enthusiast, who loves to play with different tech gadgets and apps.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • 2D Graphics Designing
  • WordPress Designing


Singing, Reading, Listening music, Drawing