Top 3 Best Android Cricket Games For Real Cricket Experience

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in some countries. It is the national sports of England and Australia.

Cricket is the most popular game in India. There is a various form of cricket in India i.e., T20 cricket, one day cricket, test cricket, and gully cricket. Cricket is an entertaining android game to see and to play.

There are basically three things to do in cricket i.e., batting, bowling, and fielding. But now a day, we don’t have enough time to play and enjoy cricket. Now, the question is, how can we enjoy and play cricket without putting much time.

The most straightforward answer to this question is to play cricket games on your smartphones. There are hundreds of cricket games available in google play store. But to pick the best one is quite overwhelming for any cricket game lover.

Today I am going to share the best ever cricket games with you. Android cricket games download is increasing rapidly. Majority of blog shows top 5 android cricket games. But I will show the handpicked top 3 android cricket games.

We are going to review these games based on different aspects, and those are: –

  • Playing Modes
  • Levels
  • Advertisement
  • UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)
  • Controls

Best Cricket Games on Android

1. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

World Cricket Championship 2

This is ranked #1 among the top android cricket games. I love this game and I use to play this game once in a day. This game is the most advanced 3D mobile game I’ve ever played in my life. In fact it is the best cricket games in the world. It is the latest latest android cricket games because it launches new features after regular intervals.

This is the most powerful as well as most user-friendly cricket game for android. It offers a variety of features to the users. If you are a real cricket lover, then you will enjoy this game. It is also considered the best test cricket games.

This game offers lots of new features on its updates. You can customize your team as well as your players to enjoy this game. Apart from that, you can also cheer your team with the personalized slogan on the banners.

The best part of this game is it works smoothly on all the mid-range devices. Let’s have a look at its incredible key features.

Playing modes: –4.7/5

There were basically three playing modes in this game. The first one is easy, then medium and then hard. But now a day it also offers the expert mode which is quite tough to play, if you are not familiar with this game. Apart from expert mode, the game mode is easy to play.

Difficulty level: – 3.5/5

You may not find any difficulty while playing this game. If you are a beginner of this game, then you will find some problem in the hard levels. But if you are a regular user of this game, then you will find some difficulty in expert level.

Advertisement: – 4.5/5

I just love the way the developer of this game has used the advertisement section on this game. When you play T20 match or any other match, then you will watch the advertisement at the end of each over.

Apart from that you’ll also see the advertiser’s banner on the ground as well as boundary wall of the cricket ground. These kind of advertisement don’t ruin the user experience. You will also see a banner at the top of your screen. It also don’t distract your attention while playing this game.

UI and Ux: – 3.5/5

So, the User Interface and User Experience is quite good. It’s not exceptional or something special. It’s okay, we can cope up with that.

Controls: – 5/5

The controls are the simple Touch controls, and it also provides hints for moving pattern, and that is what I personally don’t like. But if you want that, then it has that feature in the game.

Overall Score:- 3.5/5

Main Features

  • 140 different batting animations along with 14 different bowling actions.
  • Rain interruption, D/L Method.
  • Hotspot and Ultraedge For LBW and EDGE
  • 18 different international team along with 10 national teams.
  • 24 different stadiums
  • More than 11 tournaments.
  • Real-time Infographics representations
  • More Than 40+ game camera angles.
  • Batting timing meter to time your lofted shots.

2. Real Cricket 19

Real Cricket 19

Real cricket game is also the most excellent cricket games in android I have ever played. Even I have found it the most authentic cricket game ever. Almost every player has their real name in this cricket game. I would like to thank the graphic designers of this game.

They have invested their plenty of time in designing the face of the players. You will find almost the same facial attributes of every player within this game. In this way, this game is providing the complete cricket experience to you.

You can enjoy the cricket championship and premier leagues with this game. This game is providing the best user experience you will enjoy every moment of cricket.

Nowadays, this game is also offering the DRS. It has divided the tournament section into two categories one is domestic, and the other one is international.

In Domestic category, you will find plenty of national leagues i.e., English 20-20 Bash and Aussie 20-20. On the other hand, in the International category, you will find the world cup, Asia Cup, Tri Series, and lots more.

Playing modes: –4.7/5

There were basically five playing modes in this game. The first one is very easy, easy medium, hard and expert one. I have played all the five modes; the first four modes are pretty easy to play. But expert mode requires a lot of skills and determination.

Difficulty level: – 4/5

I don’t find any difficulty level in this game. Apart from expert mode, all the modes are easy to play. But when we talk about the expert level. This game takes its difficulty to the next level.

Advertisement: – 4.5/5

I am not impressed with this advertisement scheme for this game. As compared with wcc2 where you can see the ads on the boundary wall and on-field banners.

This game does not show the advertisement like this. I don’t know the reason. Because wcc2 is also not ruining the user experience by providing the ads on those slots. By the way, this game is work on the same phenomena to display the ads at the end of every over.

UI and UX: – 3/5

Not impressed with the user interface at all. You will find the narrow space on your mobile screen while playing this game. But on the other hand, the user experience is fantastic.

Everything is working as they are supposed to work. Apart from that, you will find everything you can expect with the real cricket game. This takes the UX of this game to the next level.

Controls: – 5/5

The controls disappoint me again. I was expecting the controls like wcc2; where you need to swipe the screen while batting. But in this game, if you want to strike, then you have to press the touch buttons apart from swipe the screen.

If you are a beginner of this game, you will find some difficulty while batting in this game. But on the other hand bowling on this game is quite easy.

Overall score: 3/5

Main Features

  • Authentic players’ name.
  • Innovative Gameplay.
  • Authentic stadiums.
  • Level up system.
  • Authentic Cricket equipment.

3. World Cricket Championship Lt

World Cricket Championship lite

Before the launch of wcc2, World Cricket Championship Lt was the #1 cricket game for android. But this game is still popular among cricket game lovers. Even it is currently ranking among the #4 Top free games on play store.

I have placed it on number 3 position because this game provides the complete cricket game experience with World Cricket Championship, World Premier League and Super fantasy cricket league.

This game is providing the eye-catching graphics with best in class stadiums and world-class commentary. You can also challenge a friend to play the cricket game with him.

Playing modes: –2.5/5

There is only one playing mode in this game. You can’t choose the playing mode your side. It is by default.

Difficulty level: – 3.5/5

I don’t find any difficulty level in this game. You can play this game easily without any hassle.

Advertisement: – 2.5/5

I am not impressed with this advertisement scheme for this game. There is too many ads show in this game. Even between the overs and your screen will get overflowed with ads

UI and Ux: – 2.5/5

If you love to play a high-quality game. Then you will not love this game at all. There are not very high-quality graphics. You will find the average graphics with this game. On the other hand UX is good enough for the beginners.

Controls: – 2/5

Controls are easy to use but not as user-friendly it can be. While batting in this game; you’ll find the controls very unusual. Because these controls are entirely different than any other cricket games of android.

Overall Score:- 2/5

Main Features

  • Full 3D graphics.
  • Variety of MOCAP animations.
  • Simple pick up and play controls.
  • Multiple gameplay modes.
  • TV Broadcast style cameras.


Here I’ve mentioned the top 3 android cricket games to have the real cricket match experience. Lets’s do best android cricket games download and install the game this game and start enjoy playing cricket match on your fingertips.

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