Top 50+ High Authority Article Submission Sites For SEO

Article submission sites are still playing a major role in SEO, and it is helping in increasing website traffic. Article submission is quite useful for new blogs and websites. Some of the SEO experts are saying that Article submission is dead in SEO. But it is not true article submission is still useful in SEO.

There are hundreds of article submission sites available over the internet. Some of the high-quality article submission sites also offer do-follow backlinks. If you have a new website. Then you should try to write a high-quality article for 2 or 3 article submission sites. It will help you to give an early boost to your website.

What is Article Submission Sites?

Article Submission is considered the best and most effective and popular off-page SEO techniques. It helps you to get a massive amount of traffic on your website. It not just assist you in getting plenty of traffic but also help you to improve your writing skills. 

The benefit of Submitting to Article Sites

High-Quality Backlinks

Almost every article submission site provides do-follow backlinks on the article. It is quite helpful to anyone to create high-quality backlinks. Because most of the article submission sites are high authority websites and provide the do-follow the contextual backlink to your website. That will help you to rank your blog post.

Build Authority

These websites also help you to build authority among the readers. Almost every free article submission site provides the author’s bio. Where you can mention about you and your website.

You should put your original headshot. It will help you to make your presence as a writer on article submission sites. If you post high-quality content at regular intervals, then it will help you to attract visitors to your website. 

Free internet marketing:

With article submission, you usually get free internet marketing promotions. The reason is the majority of article submission sites allow you to add links to your blog post within the article. Thus your content goes viral on article submission sites, then it attracts more visitors to your article and promotes your blog for free without spending a single penny.  

Boost traffic

Article submission sites usually hold plenty of amount of traffic. Therefore you may always have a chance to divert some traffic to your blog. With the help of the link that you’ve provided within the blog post. The best part of these sites is you get the relevant traffic from these sites.

But you have to be careful while selecting the article category before hitting the submit button. You can also get traffic from your author bio on these sites. All you need to do is make your author bio more appealing so that the users want to click on the author’s bio link.

Submit the content on free article submission sites 2019 is not enough. You can also share the article on social media to promote the content more effectively and get more relevant traffic. 

Generate leads and sales

You can also generate leads and sales from high authority article submission sites. Because when you post an article on these sites at regular intervals, it helps you to create the brand authority and trust among the users. It helps you to get the quality leads from your targeted audience. The more the users trust in your content, the more you had the opportunity to convert sales from them. 

You can navigate them to the sales landing page or any of your social media account where you do business. All you need to do us post high-quality content and then insert the relevant link within the content.

List Of 50+ Article Submission Sites

S. NoArticle Submission Sites

Precautions while making article submission

Be Aware Of Spammy Websites

Never make article submission on the spammy website. As we have already discussed that article submission sites offer do-follow backlinks. That’s why their spam score can also increase your website spam score. So never make this mistake.

Don’t Submit Too Quickly

Don’t submit an article on a quick period. Note that article submission sites take their own time to approve an article. So that if your first article is not approved, then don’t submit the second one. And then Wait for the first one to approved.

Don’t Submit Duplicate Article

Never submit the same article on all these sites. Lots of bloggers make this mistake. Change your content structure before submitting it to other submission sites.


  • Choose the high authority to submit your first articles.
  • Register on these sites using your valid email address.
  • Select the right category for your article.
  • Complete your profile with your real image and a short author bio along with your website or blog link.
  • Write plagiarism free articles without any grammar mistakes.
  • The article should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Provide the link within the article to your website content.
  • Hit the submit button and wait for your article to be approved by the moderators.

Tips to make your article submission more effective


Keywords are the sole of the content. That’s why it is quite essential to place the proper keywords within the article. You should also use the appropriate keywords within your content. It will help you to rank your item for the targeted keywords. Thus your item will extend its reach. 


You should also be careful about the issue you are going to write within your article. The more you’re innovative and enthusiastic, the more you will write high-quality content. It is pretty often that creative people usually write the most interesting article then the less creative people.

Publishing medium

There are hundreds of article submission sites available in the world. But the blogger needs to choose the best article submission sites. Because it will help them to promote the content to a broader audience. You should check the organic traffic of the article submission sites before submitting the article into it.

Some points to consider before the article submission.

Article submission in SEO is providing the do-follow or no-follow links. Some good article submission sites provide do-follow backlinks.

Apart from that, some of the high authority sites give you no-follow backlinks, but it is quite helpful to get a massive amount of traffic to your websites. Article submissions is quite an essay off-page SEO activity than other off-page SEO methods. 

Now the question is how you can choose the best article submission websites?

It is quite tough to pick the best one. But here are some tips to pick the best sites. You should check the Alexa rank as well as Moz DA. You should choose those article submission sites that are having the minimum Alexa rank and the high DA.


Article submission is helpful to give an initiate boost to your website. It is also helpful in generate quality traffic to your website. If you know any other article submission website then comment below to let us know.

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