How to Update Bios

What is Computer Bios & how to update Bios?

Full form of BIOS is (Basic Input-Output System) is a program used to get the computer system in running state that is to turn it on and off.
It also manages the data flow between the computer’s operating system and the other input and output devices like Hard disk, Keyword, Mouse etc.
BIOS is the internal part of the computer and it comes pre-installed or you can also install it on your own and you can update it if you want to.

What does updating the BIOS changes in your computer?

Updating BIOS can solve many things like it can fix the overheating issue of your computer and many other issues like that.
Also, it may help you with supporting new hardware for your computer that is by updating the BIOS of your computer you can get options like adding new hard-wares to your computer like adding Graphic Card or a new CPU Model.

Overall, you can say that it can help you update the hardware of your computer and which can lead to open your ways to add some more new software to your computer.

Updating BIOS is not a common thing for many!

Updating Windows regularly is common and is a good thing. Microsoft pushes updates to you and forcefully makes you to update to latest built. But updating BIOS is not common for you.
The probability of updating BIOS of your computer is very less that you would have updated Bios in last 3-4 years. This is so because your computers’ BIOS rarely needs updating. In its life span of 5-7 years its manufacture will barely release the update 2-3 times.

Updating the BIOS incorrectly can render your computer completely inoperable. So be careful and follow all the steps carefully.

Also note, that Mac computers do not use a BIOS.

If you have a Laptop then you have to visit your manufacture website like HP, Dell etc. and if you have a assembled PC then you have to check for model and manufacturer in System information and by checking the model you will be able to download and update the Right BIOS option for your computer.

For the tutorial purpose we would be using Gigabyte motherboard model: H81M-Gaming 3 motherboard.

So, here’s a full guide for how to update BIOS:

Checking for Model and Manufacturer:

  • Visit System Information.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-1)
  • Look for System Manufacturer ans System Model.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-2)
  • Also Check for BIOS version and Date.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-3)

Visiting the Manufacturer Website:

  • Visit the manufacturer website in my case Gigabyte.
  • Check for Support page.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-4)
  • Visit the Support page of your manufacturer and type model number to search for all available Drivers and Updates.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-5)
  • Open the BIOS tab and look for any new updates. Here in my case a new update is available. It will update F1 version to F2.
How to update Bios (Step-6)
  • Download the available update for for BIOS according to your region.
  • The update will be Downloaded in a Zip file. Extract he Zip file and look for Readme file. Read the readme file carefully.
  • If readme file is available and instructions provided here clashes with those in readme file then undoubtedly go ahead and follow all the steps in readme file.

Plugging USB drive:

  • Since BIOS can’t access system files you need to copy the extracted content to USB drive. Make sure that the USB drive is empty.

Accessing BIOS:

  • Kepp the Flash drive plugged in and restart your PC.
  • For accessing BIOS in most computers,  pressing one of the function keys (e.g., F12) will open BIOS, though some computers use the Del key or the Esc key.
  • If you don’t know your computer’s BIOS key, look it up by typing your computer’s manufacturer name, model name, and “BIOS key” into a search engine.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-7)
  • Selecting Update BIOS from drive will list all available file in USB drive. Select the Update file and let the system do its work.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-8)
  • Allow the system to update. Please make sure that you provide constant power supply to your device. IF in between power is gone than it will make difficult or impossible to Boot your PC.
How to update Bios
How to update Bios (Step-9)
  • BIOS will now update on it’s own.
    Please have patience, it will take some time and some restarts.

And after the BIOS gets Updated, You can enjoy working on your comparatively fast computer.

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