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That’s why it becomes crucial to increase Instagram post reach.  To be successful on Instagram is not limited to just setting up your business account and sharing the valuable content. The success on this powerful platform is all about the reach and engagement of your post. Here reach means the number of audiences who see your Instagram post. And engagement refers to likes, comments, and share.

It will not just help you to reach to the new audience – but it also helps you to increase your followers. Enhancing the visibility of your posts will help the targeted audience to engage with you. That means more followers Hence more valuable customers.

Have a look on how to use Instagram to increase post engagement:

1. Engagement is a primary goal

Engagement is always the primary goal of each and every social media sites. Always create quality content that will help you to engage with an audience. As a result, your post will appear on your followers’ Instagram account. The most popular tactics to increase engagement on Instagram are Giveaways Contests, and Ask questions (e.g., “Which place you wanna travel?”) Include a call to action in your content. Always respond to the reactions of your followers, whenever they like, comment or share your post.

2. Post at the right time

Because of the high competition on Instagram, it is really tough to increase the engagement of your post. To enhance your post engagement – optimize your post timings. If you post the content on Instagram at the right time – you can get more engagement with your audience. So now the question is when we should post on Instagram?

There is not a well define timings to post on Instagram. So how we know when should we post?

Don’t worry I have the answer for you.

Most popular way to figure it out by posting on regular basis and understand your followers’ activity. If you have the Ibusiness profile, then Instagram Insights is the best tool to figure out the time of the day in which your followers mostly active.

3. Prefer Video Content

It has been proven that the video content on Instagram provokes more likes and comments than pictures. We have seen that the creative photos generate more like and comments but on the other hand videos generate approximately twice the number of comments and likes than photos do.

The watching time for videos is rising rapidly on Instagram. It reported the growth on Instagram video content has raised more than 40% over a six-month period. So start posting video content to increase your post reach. And also try live videos to increase engagement.

4. Optimize your hashtags

Hashtags are one of the crucial element to raise your post engagement. The use of the right hashtag can increase the reach of your post to the desired audience. Try to use the popular hashtag that is relevant to your brand and your audience. You can also use some of the general hashtags which are popular.

You can use hashtags to identify the popular hashtags. As a result, your the post can be seen by those who are not your follower. This happens because the hashtag you may use is relevant to that person.

Instagram allows us to use up to 30 hashtags per post. We should use at least 11 or more hashtags to increase our post reach. You can also tag branded hashtags on your post.

5. Make the best use of your bio URL

Do you wanna stick with your website link in your Instagram bio forever? Take the full advantage of your bio URL. Change your bio at least weekly at regular interval. As a result, you can use a clickable link to your bio that can drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.

6. Take the advantage of microblogging

We know that picture is worth more than a thousand words, but we can’t ignore the words entirely. You can use microblogging feature of this platform. Microblogging helps the audience to understand the post deeply and increase your Instagram post engagement.

7. Get local

Use the place tab to see what’s going on a specific area. You can see the event and the post of that location. The more you see the more you get the idea. That what your competitor is doing on the local market. Hence you can make your own strategy to compete with them on the local level. The local market helps you to increase your post engagement because of low competition.

8. Curate user-generated content

If you respond to the user-curated content then it is more likely that the user will also like and share your post on Instagram or other social media platforms. Curated user-generated content is a symbol of the relationship on Instagram. Therefore your post gets higher reach.

9. Use Instagram Stories

Use Instagram stories to increase your post reach. Because now a day only a few numbers of business are using Instagram stories to post their content. Therefore there is very less competition to post the stories on it. You can also use CTA in your stories to increase your post reach and engagement.

10. Use emoji

Emojis are the popular factor of social media culture. Users usually use these emojis to express their reactions. You can use emojis in your comment and captions very easily. These type of comments increase your profile value on this platform. If you use emojis on your post then your post can be reached with more peoples.


We have seen the top 10 hacks that will help you to raise your Instagram post engagement. Apply these post effectively will help you to raise your post engagement. As a result, it will also help you to increase your brand awareness and sales organically. So let’s try all these hacks and see the results


Sumit is a digital marketing analyst and tech enthusiast. He loves to try various digital marketing tools and techniques. Apart from digital marketing he also loves to play with different tech gadgets and apps.

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