Top 5 best ever Instagram Story Apps for Android

Instagram is the fastest growing social media app. In fact, this is the favorite social media followers of youngsters. More than 500 millions users active every day on Instagram. It offers a variety of features to the users. But the Instagram story is the best feature. 

The story provides an effective way to tell the narrative to the audience in an effective way. Instagram stories are holding various kinds of functions. That’s why no other platform is better than Instagram in terms of stories.

Instagram stories are 15 times popular than images and video over Instagram. It is the best way to communicate with the audience within 24 hours.

You can make the most creative story on Instagram because it offers various filters, animations, collages, fonts, and borders. There is no limitation to make your Instagram story more creative.  But creating a stunning Instagram story is not possible with the Instagram app only.

It requires some powerful Instagram story apps. There are hundreds of Instagram story editor apps available in the market. But only a few are worth to be considered as the best Instagram story apps. Today I am going to share the best ever Instagram story apps. Let’s dig into it.

Top 5 Instagram Story App For Android

1. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark post is one of the best Instagram story creator apps. I love the simplicity of this app. This app is offering one of the most straightforward user interfaces as compared to any other image editing app. It is simple to log in with Google credentials. As some of the most potent Instagram story app, it offers the animation effects in the post.

We all know that animation creates more weight into the story. It provides a variety of animation features. When you log into the apps, you will see some prebuild post templates. Some templates are free while some are premium that can only be used with a paid subscription. The best part of this outstanding app that you can create your image post into the 4-second video that can convey your message more effectively than static image story. 

There are a couple of scrolling categories tab on the home screen of this app. The primary one is featured where you will find the best prebuild layout for social media post. After that, you will find the premium one, the animation, collages, seasonal, lifestyle, business, school, travel, food,, and at the end craft.

Here you can pick the best prebuild layout for your Instagram story. If you want to start with your own images or background images. Then you need to hit the plus button at the bottom of the right side. You can also have a look at your recent created post within the app. You can also use the search bar placed at the top of the right corner of the app to find the Insta story layout.

Steps to use this app

  1. Click on the + button to getting the start. 
  2. Search for the image or stat with your own.
  3. The press on add 1 button appearing at the top. 
  4. Select the Instagram story layout ( you can also select the custom layout or pick the other social media layouts or go with the image size) and click on done.
  5. Click on the ads symbol to add text, additional pics, icons, or Your logo.
  6. If you select the text, you can change the color, fonts, shapes, animation effects, size, align, opacity, and spacing of the text.
  7. Then select the predefined designed if applicable
  8. Select the color palette, but it only applies to the additional items but not on the pic itself.
  9. Resize option help you to resize your post layout if applicable.
  10. Choose the layout from multiple prebuild layouts. 
  11. You can also use spacing to increase the border of the image; it also applies to the grid layout to increase the spacing between cells. You can also change the color of the grids.
  12. Then you can select the animation from multiple animations. 
  13. Apply the filters in the animation
  14. Download the png image or video whatever you have created
  15. It is free to use the app, but the only problem with the app is that it provides the watermark on the right side of the image. If you want to remove the layout, you need to have the subscription. 

Key features

  1. Add animation to video posts
  2. Multiple text style, cutout, and effect options
  3. Extensive library of stock photos
  4. Easy synching with cloud backup
  5. Add sound from Adobe’s collection or your own phone
  6. See for yourself with Adobe Spark’s introductory video.

2. Canva

Canva is the best ever free Instagram story creator app. It is accessible to login with Google credentials. When you logged on this app, you will find a variety of options to create different kinds of social media posts.

You can also see your recently created posts. You can start creating Instagram stories by searching the Instagram story template from the search bar. After searching the Instagram story, you will find some scrolling categories tabs. i.e., Highlight cover, Animals, minimalist, Quotes, Sale, Summer, and travel. You can also start creating Instagram stories by click on the plus icon appearing at the bottom right corner.

In Canva, you can find lots of options for image editing i.e., blurring, cropping, brightness, adjustments, and rotating. You can also use various shapes, text headers, lines on your Insta story with the help of canvas. Let’s have a look at the steps to create a stunning Instagram story with canvas. 

Steps to use Canva

  1. Click on the + button at the bottom right corner.
  2. After that, you need to choose the Instagram story layout
  3. Add more page with this layout by clicking at the bottom left corner.
  4. Click on the + icon at the bottom right corner to add the element into the layout.
  5. Select the text you can also choose the text layouts i.e., quotes, heading, and more. You can also add your own, and you can select the font style, text size, text alignments, bold, italic, uppercase, spacing, and font color.
  6. After the choose the image of your own or choose from the canva library.
  7. Select the illustration if required. In the lustration tab, you will find shapes, illustration, image frames, line, and icon. You can change the color of all these illustrations. 
  8.  Add the logo of your brand
  9. Then Download the story.

Key Features

  1. 60,000+ templates
  2. 1 million+ background photos
  3. Includes grids, photo vignette, and other design tools
  4. Multiple stickers, icons, badges, textures, and frames to choose from

3. InShot

This is the complete, Instagram story app. Unlike the apps mentioned above, this app is specially created for Instagram is the best Instagram app for business. Here you will find a variety of features for photos and video. In other words, you can create both the video and photo Instagram story from this app.

There is no need to login into this app to use this app. When you start using this app, you will found the most straightforward layout. This app also offers the pro version so that you will find a pro option at the above right corner.

In the middle, you will find the camera icon that will help you to make a video and click the image directly from this app. After that, you will find three more icon one is for video the other one is for the photo, and the last one is for college.

Let me explain the collage here. When you choose the college, you can choose the maximum number of 9 images in collage.  You get lots of unique design feature to create stunning Instagram stories.

For video, you also get some brilliant features i.e., trim, cut, crop, and merge videos. Apart from that, you can add video background filters and effects. You can add fade in and fade out music in your video. You can manage the video aspect ratio while you can also make the fast and slow video. Text,stickers, and emojis can be added on both photos and videos. 

How to use it for Inshot

  1. Click on the photo in the create new dialog box.
  2. Select the image you want to create story with,
  3. Select the canvas size you want to apply. There are a couple of canvas size i.e., No frame, full, fit, left, right. You can also use the drag option from 0 to 50. 
  4. Select the background you want to apply, you can select the color or another image as a background of the picture.
  5. You can apply a couple of filter from the prebuilt filters. In this section, you will also found a couple of effects. Along with that, you will also find some adjustment that can be found in any high-quality image editing app. 
  6. You can also crop your images,
  7. Select the sticker on additional image to be paste on your story,
  8. Add the text you want to add
  9. Select frames for the prebuilt frames.
  10. Rotate the images as flip, rotate 90 degrees, angle, and zoom.
  11. Save the story.

Key Features

  1. Speed-control, blur, split, and merge tools for videos
  2. Video converter
  3. Collage maker with prebuilt templates
  4. photo editor
  5. Option to add music to videos
  6. Filters, effects, texts, icons, and other photo and video enhancement tools

4. Over

Over is one of my personal favorite Instagram story app. There are hundreds of prebuilt templates to create the app above. You can add stickers, font, text, and more. When you log into the app, you find a clean UI.

You will find here some of the prebuilt templates both free and paid. At the button, you will find the template option, a  plus button, and a project tab where you find all your projects. It is not offering a lot of features that other apps mentioned above are offering.

But with this app, you will find enough features to create a stunning Instagram story. You can insert multiple images on a single canvas. You can also adjust the picture with lots of adjustment options. Besides, you can also increase the image size. You can also add the shadow on the image in the shadow you can select the angle, blur, color, and opacity. You can also change the background color of the canvas with a solid color.

Steps to use this app

  1. Click on the +i icon to getting started with this app. 
  2. Select the right canvas size for the instagram story
  3. Insert the image on the canvas by clicking on the image icon.  Select your own photos or pick the images from unsplash. 
  4. Rotate the image on either side from top to bottom or left to right.
  5. Adjust the tint on your images you can pick up the tint color and opacity.
  6. Nudge helps you to place the image on the right direction of the canvas.
  7. Apply the mask on your image if needed.
  8. Insert the text on the images. Elct the font from font library. You can also add your custom fonts with pro subscription.
  9. Put the graphics on your instgram story. You can pick the graphics from the library. If you want to add your logo, then you need to have the paid subscription. You can also search for the graphics. 
  10. Add custom predefined shapes on your Instagram story.
  11. Save the images as jpg and png. You can also share your projects with others.

Key features

  • Includes a range of backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and more
  • The vast library of templates
  • Add unlimited photos to a single canvas
  • Create content for social media posts, ads, posters, and more

Insta Story Art

Simple among the most straightforward instagram story creator app. No need to signup on this app. It is a hassle-free app, and anyone can use it even a beginner. When you open this app at the very first time, then you will see a couple of scrolling tabs i.e., Rose Gold, Card, Dessert, Love, Simple, classic, film, cloud, ink, shape, and Christmas. You can pick either one. 

Steps to use this app

  1. Select from the prebuilt template
  2. After selection, you can pick the color gradient 
  3. Add some predefined written word stickers
  4. Add your own text and change the color of the text. You can also change the font of the text, Increae, or decrease the text size.
  5. Save the image.

Key feature of this app

  1. Easy to use
  2. Updated frames and themes regularly
  3. More than 100 fonts
  4. High-quality export
  5. No need to sign up. 


Instagram story app can enhance your Instagram story. In fact,  Instagram is offering some other features to enhance your story over Instagram. But it is not enough even these tools are quite helpful for the users to create high quality and remarkable Instagram story to get more engagements with the users.


Sumit is a digital marketing analyst and tech enthusiast. He loves to try various digital marketing tools and techniques. Apart from digital marketing he also loves to play with different tech gadgets and apps.

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