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I guess, Your window 10 is getting slower day by day and you are unable to do your daily tasks and may be you are unable to pass your time by playing games and you are unable to do any kind of stuff on your computer or laptop because of your PC is freezing or hanging very frequently. Is this your problem? And you want to optimize your PC so that you can get the best performance out of it. Optimize windows 10 performance is becoming crucial.

Then there’s no need to worry at all. Because I have got you covered. I’ll share various steps to help you get out of such problem. And I’m pretty sure that these steps will surely help you optimize windows 10 performance and if your PC is running very slowly then these steps will increase the performance of windows 10.

We all know that Microsoft provide the many updates to make their product work efficiently and to provide the best services to their Customer. And they always try to provide the best updates possible to make the windows 10 faster and more powerful.

But over time and as per the usage of the machine it tend to get slow and hang, which should not happen because a customer is paying a lot of money for a product and if it get slow and doesn’t work as per the customer’s need then it is of no use and becomes the most frustrating thing for any computer or laptop user. There are so many factors because of which a computer becomes slow and sluggish.

Why Windows 10 is Slowing Down?

Some of those factors which cause such compatibility issues are Malware or viruses, some sort of hardware which does not work properly and some sort of game or heavy software which actually doesn’t support the system you are using on.

But you don’t have to worry because here I’m going to share some things which you can perform on your computer which will supposedly optimize your computer and will optimize windows 10 performance.

And yeah you don’t have to get a new PC for yourself if these steps works for you and as per my knowledge these steps works most of the time.
So, here’s a guide for you which will surely optimize windows 10 performance: – 

Well, the best thing about this guide is that most of the steps to optimize windows 10 performance are free!

In this guide you will get to know about 10 of the steps to optimize windows 10 performance, which will help speed up and boost your computer. 

Tips to Optimize Windows 10 Performance

1.Disable Automatic starting Applications

There are so many application in your computer or laptop which gets started whenever you boot up your computer. Such applications are call the startup applications.

These application launch themselves automatically as soon as you start your computer and run in the background.

Which uses so much memory and battery in the background and you’ll never know that these applications are making your computer work slow. 

So, you can always disable such application which will help you optimize windows 10 performance. And on your windows 10 you can disable such apps from Task Manager. 

Steps to disable these applications are given below: – 

  1. Search for Task manager in the windows search box. 
  2. Now, open Taskbar. 
  3. If you are using the Task Manager in the Compact Mode then Click the more details button on the lower left side of the Task Manager. 
  4. Now, there are some Tabs given. Choose the Startup tab. 
  5. Just click once on the status column on the after opening the startup tab, this will sort out the disabled and enabled application which run on the windows startup. 
  6. Now, you’ll see all the applications with their status. You can disable the applications as per your need. By Right Clicking on the particular application and selecting the Disable option. 
  7. Repeat the step number 6 to disable other apps. 
  8. Restart your computer. 

Just after restarting your computer you’ll notice signs of improvement in the performance of windows 10. 

2. Uninstall Un-necessary Applications

You should always remove all the applications or software you don’t use. Because whenever you purchase a computer, it comes with many unnecessary pre-installed applications. Which may be of no use for you.
In that case, you should delete such applications and software. 

You should always consider uninstalling Fat ware/Bloatware and the applications which you do not use.
Below are the steps which you need to follow to uninstall such applications: 

  1. Open Setting of your computer. 
  2. Then click on the Apps section. 
  3. Now, click on the apps and features. 
  4. Find and select the app you want to uninstall. 
  5. Now, Click the uninstall button.
  6. After uninstalling the Application you may have to restart the Computer. 

This step will also help you optimize windows 10 performance. Because the apps which you do not use are using the memory of your computer. Which leads to make the machine work slow. But removing such applications will surely optimize the performance of your computer.

3. Turn On Game Mode

Nowadays Windows 10 offer an incredible feature known as Game Mode. You can enable game mode by simply press the key combination of Win + G. But you need to first enable the game mode. For this you need to navigate the setting than gaming and then choose the game mode.

Press the toggle switch below the game mode. Windows especially created it for gamers. But you can activate it anytime you need a little boost. It is quite hands in those cases when you have lots of background apps that slowing down the performance of your major program.

Game mode improves the gaming performance a little bit. But in case of few software it provides greater performance boost. You can try Game mode with those apps which need GPU accelaration.It will help you to those application smoothly.

4. Turn Off Windows 10’s Search Indexing Feature

This is a screen capture of Windows 10's indexing options.

Do you know that whenever you make a search for a file on windows platforms. The windows doesn’t scan your computer directory each and every time. the reason is if you enabled windows has default indexing feature. This feature create a text manifest of every items that are stored on your computer. Thus it improves the file search speed without any hassle. 

On the other hand, if you own a very old computer, turning off Search Indexing will help your system’s performance.

To turn off Windows 10’s Search Index tool:

  1. Type Index into the Windows Search Tool and left-click Indexing Options.
  2. Left-click Modify at the bottom of the menu and uncheck the boxes for all of the options listed here.

5. Storage Analyzers and Disk Cleaning Can Speed Up Windows

This is a screen capture of WinDirStat and storage drive analyzer.

Both the storages devices slow down the windows 10 speed when they get overloaded with data. Majority of people think that SSD don’t slow down the PC. But if you overload SSD with data you will feel the speed issue. It is recommended that the storage droves should have at least 25% of free storage to run Windows 10 smoothly. Nowadays Windows 10 offering the disk cleanup facility to remove unnecessary data from your storage drives. Here is the procedure:

  • Click on start
  • then click on the gear icon
  • Then click on System icon
  • Navigate to storage option and then click on it
  • The select the temporary file to delete all the temporary data.

6. Registry Cleaner

windows registry is the powerhouse of Windows. it is having all the settings of Windows and other programs. Many a times when we uninstall the program from our PC. The registry fails to remove these changes. That’s why lots of data remain in the registry.

Which slow down the windows 10. For this you can use registry cleaner that removes the changes and leftover that may created from uninstalled programs. 

I would like you to recommend CCleaner. You can use it to clean your windows registry without any hassle. It is simple and powerful cleaning app. 

windows 10 ccleaner cookies

7. Speed Up Windows 10 By Removing Bad Apps

Most of the time we install the software without being  aware of its authenticity. It is a dangerous approach to install the software without any authentication. These kind of software usually contains malware. That’s why these softwares are known as Potentially unwanted Programs(PUP). These softwares slow down your Windows 10 speed. 

Pople usaully install pdf readers, music players, video players, browers, torrent software and so on. I would like to suggest you the best software that will fulfill all your needs. Here aae the best one:- 

Here are a few alternatives you can consider.

  1. Sumatra PDF Reader
  2. VLC Video Player
  3. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  4. QBittorrent


Speed is one of the major aspect for today’s life. No one like slow computers everyone love to have speed. But it is quite costly to have a speedy computer. And we also know that most of the PC runs on Windows. That’s why we have created this guide for you to optimize windows 10 performance.

After reading couple of guides over the internet and watching the YouTube video on optimize windows 10 Performance. We have tested all the methods, and then we have written only those methods in our guides that actually optimize windows 10 performance. So what are you waiting for stat optimize your windows 10 now.

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