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In this fast pacing world every blogger wants to index their websites as soon as possible. Ping submission sites are the best way to index your website faster than any other method. Do you know that most of the backlinks never get indexed by the search engines. So what we should do to index our backlinks? Ping submission sites are the best answer of this question. Ping submission is considered among one of the best off page SEO technique.

These sites will help you to indexed our websites,blog, backlinks by major search engines. Most of the time the site get indexed by search engines within 24 hours with the help of ping submission sites. But in some cases the website get indexed within a few hours or minutes.

Benefits of free ping submission sites:

Ping submission sites provide extraordinary benefits:-

  • These sites help you to easily submit your website to numerous search engines and directory with a single click.
  • You can use these sites without login or registered on these sites. In this way it also saves your time.
  • These sites are quite useful to notify the search engines about your new content and backlinks. Therefore you can rank your fresh content in less time.
  • Ping submission sites are free to use.
  • These sites help you to generate lots of quality traffic to your website or blog.
  • It helps in getting ranking more quickly in major search engines.

How to use ping submission sites?

Let’s have a look on how to use ping submission site more effective to index your website by all the major search engines.

  • Don’t submit the your website in all ping submission sites. Because some of these sites are not even itself index by Google. So be sure to submit your website on high authority Ping submission sites.
  • Type the URL of your website or blog page that you want to indexed quickly..
  • Then click on save or submit button.
  • After that you will get a confirmation message.

Negative Effects on Using Pinging Tools:

There is various number of benefits of Ping submission sites. But we all know that a coin is always having two sides. Therefore ping submission sites also have some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantage of ping submission sites is that some of these sites are spamy therefore there is always a fear to be your website spamy too. Don’t you ever try to ping your URL with 10 to 20 tools it be create a negative impact of your site.

Top 20 Ping Submission Sites List



All the sits mentioned above are high authority. These sites will help you to index your website or blog quicker than ever. You can check your website ranking by using some of the paid SEO tools i.e SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs. Try all these and have a look on your rankings. Remember that SEO is all about quality therefore you have to make sure that you are pining the high quality content. Because high quality content not just indexed quickly but it is also rank faster low quality content.


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