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Nowadays, people are looking for ways to cut the cord and bring down some bills. If you are one of those who pay for both Broadband and TV connection, also you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on watching movies in theater and don’t wish to pay hefty amount on theater food, and you can’t wait to see your favorite movie which will be aired on TV and want to watch movies & live shows at your own convenience, Also if you don’t want to pay for premium account subscriptions of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and If you are a regular TV Programme viewer you sometimes might get frustrated when you miss an episode or two of your favorite TV Programme.
Then, Have Patience!
Because I’m going to share some best online Streaming Services which are going to help you with this problem.

Why should our entertainment time be decided by companies?

To watch your favourite episode of “GOT” at your own time at your own convenience read out the full article!

Before, right jumping into the conclusion let’s do some calculations:

Broadband Cost:

Around 1000-1500 Rupees/ 30 t0 40 Dollars (monthly average)
This may vary for every country but the roughly Broadband Bill is around this much only.

TV connection cost:

400-1000 Rupees/ 20-30 Dollars (monthly average)

Cable TV installation cost:

1500-2000 Rupees/ 30-40 Dollars (one time)

So, the total it comes out to be around 2900-3500 Rupees/ 100-150 Dollars

Now, it’s our responsibility to provide you with best, cheapest and free online streaming solutions. So, whether you are a die heart cricket fan or your wife wants to calm down and wants to watch Daily Soaps or your naughty kid wants to watch “Sponge Bob Square Pants” below we will be listing some of the best available free apps in the market which will work with your Smartest ever Phone.

If you are one of those who just want to have fun on a large screen with family then you can do a onetime investment in Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, MI Box, or a bigger smart TV and you can also download and use these apps on your Smart TV.
So enjoy Watching Free TV with a glass of Red wine and if you are underage then have some Soda and let’s continue with the List of best Streaming Services Online.

1. ThopTV

It’s a super awesome free streaming app which works on Android, Windows, Linux and Mac (What else do you want). With it Watch 3000+ Indian and International Channels with 7 days of Indian CATCHUP TV and 3000+ Movies and VODs and TV Serials from anywhere in the World on ANY Device for absolutely FREE. Isn’t that Great?


  • 3000+ TV Channels from all over the World
  • 5000+ Movies
  • Special Channels for LIVE Sports
  • 7 days catchup on 500+ Indian Channels
  • Web Series from your favourite VOD Apps
  • Option to Choose Favorite Channels
  • CAST Support
  • Support for MX Player
  • Support for external subtitles
  • TV Serials all episodes
  • Support for a lot of devices
  • User-Friendly UI
  • All for FREE
  • Chat Support

What else do you want for Freeee!

ThopTV also works perfect on Amazon Fire TV stick. You just need to turn on developer options on your device and install ThopTV as an apk file on your Fire TV stick device and Voila. Just sit back and Enjoy!

2. TeaTV

It’s the fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies, actors and shows. Tea TV has been built from the ground up with performance in mind for a fast and efficient experience to surfing your collection.
Also, TeaTV is working on your behalf and making entertainment free, at no cost to you. It works seamlessly with your Android Device, Mac Devices or Windows.

Sorry, Linux users this one is not for you.  🙁


  • If you are a true movies and TV shows enthusiast, then all you really need is Tea TV!
  • TeaTV is working on your behalf and making entertainment free, at no cost to you.
  • Watch trailers, read reviews and get shows seasons details, get the latest information on upcoming movie releases. Choosing the right movie has never been so easy.
  • You can keep track of the movies you own, the movies you wish you had, the movies you saw and the movies you want to watch.

3. Airtel TV, Jio TV, Vodafone Idea TV

It’s for sure that if you live in India you are using either Airtel or Jio or Vodafone Idea (Vodafone and Idea are together to take over Jio and Airtel).
All three service providers also provide numerous apps that work exclusively on their network. In simple words, you can’t use Jio apps with Airtel network.
But here the service which is currently important to us is live streaming and guess what? all three above provide live TV streaming apps for free. These apps work prefect on their network only. Like if you have Airtel Connection then Airtel App will work fine for you and if you have JIO connection then JIO Tv app will work fine for you, not the Airtel Tv app.

I have personally used all Live TV streaming apps by all of these service providers, Jio TV works without lags but lacks a decent user interface, on the other hand, Airtel TV has a good UI but sometimes it goes to unlimited buffering(maybe there is some issue with the app).

Also, Airtel TV provides free subscriptions of numerous other online streaming services to it’s Gold and Platinum customers. Which include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, AltBalaJi and many more.


  • These apps work only on your phone. You can use them on your Windows Device, Mac Devices or FireTV sticks. They basically need a respective network to work.

Let’s also look at some Paid streaming services and compare it to your TV Connection:

1) Amazon Prime Video: 999 Rs. (1 year)

2) HotStar: 999 Rs. (1 year)

3) Zee5: 599 Rs. (1year)

4) Sony LIV: 499 Rs. (1 year)

Total 3000Rs. which is way cheaper than you Tv connection and provides you with many benefits.


Now, that you know that you have all these numerous options of different online streaming services, I trust you’ll be able to make the right choice and cut out that pesky Tv connection subscription and overpriced theatre food and switch to the best streaming services. Turn your house into its own private entertainment centre for your family and friends and enjoy at your own time at your own convenience.

Kamal Nanda

This is Kamal Nanda. He is a Computer Science Graduate and he is a tech lover. He loves to try different apps available on the Playstore and writes on android apps & games. Also, He loves writing quality blogs on Digital marketing and much more. Moreover, he handles the Social Media for Tech Biason.

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