Top 30+ Video Submission Sites To Get More Engagement

Now a day videos is getting more popular to promote products and services. Majority of people prefer video more than any other stuff over the internet. Video provide real value to the users. Lots of user love to watch how to video instead of reading how to guides. It is more engaging form of promotion. Video also allows you to get high quality backlinks. Now SEO experts are embedding videos in their blog post to convey their message more clearly.

Why video is so important

  • People love to watch video instead of reading long post.
  • Videos get more engagement i.e. like and shares.
  • Videos are more compatible on various devices.
  • It convey the message more clearly and effectively.
  • 5 minute video is more than 3000 word post.

Benefits Of Video Submission

Spread The Message

It is quite easy to spread the message to large audience through video submission. As we have already discussed that people love to watch video. That’s why all the video submission platforms are holding huge amount of traffic. This traffic is quite useful in spreading the message to huge number of people.

Send Quick Message

Videos are helpful in sending quick message to the audiences. Lots of digital marketing experts know that video should convey the quick message within the first 5 seconds of the video. Video submission is helpful in sending quick message to the audiences.

High Quality Backlinks

Video submission helps in building high quality backlinks for the blogger and website owners. High quality videos improve the chances to acquire more high quality backlinks.

Drive Traffic

It is also help you to generate huge amount of traffic to your website. If user love your video than they like to visit your website. Therefore you may get huge amount of traffic for free.

Build Authority

More high quality your video more high engagement you get on video submission sites. If you interact with the audiences on these website. It will help you to build authority among the users.

Promote Your Business

Almost every video submission site is free. Therefore you can promote your business with the help of interactive video. But remember that don’t share promotional videos all the times.

Rank Your Video

Video submission is also useful to rank the video of Google search results and other major video platforms. As a result your video get more exposure.

Guidelines For Video Submission

Include keywords

Crawlers can see the video at all. They can read the text only therefore you should include the targeted keywords in title and description of your videos.You should do proper keyword research before sharing the videos. Note that more organic keywords helps you to rank videos.

Use Appealing Headlines

Without appealing eye catchy headlines no one will ever watch your video. So be sure to use eye catchy headlines that help you to increase CTR on your videos.

Write Detailed Description

Write detailed description about your video place the relevant keywords in your video description. Make sure that your description is conveying your video message clearly to the search engines.

Use Relevant Tags And Categories

Put the right tags on your video and also put your video into the right category. Sometimes people submit the video on wrong category it diminishes the value of the video.

Make Your Video Embeddable

It is one of the major step because it will help you to get the backlinks. Put the embed code just below your video so that anyone can embed your video on their website. In that way they provide you the backlink.

Make Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnail should be eye catchy and should convey the message with just a one look. So be sure about the thumbnail.

Top 30+ Video Submission Sites List


All these video submission sites are in working condition and help you to promote your video effectively. Try these video submission sites and give us a feedback in the comment section.

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