The Best Guide on What is WordPress, and how it is used?

The simplest hhdefinition of WordPress is that it is a software application to create and manage websites (create their contents, etc.). There are many applications of this type, which are also known as CMS (Content Management System).

WordPress also has the distinction of being a project of software free and open source depends on the WordPress Foundation. A non-profit foundation led by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress.

It means that your code is created and maintained by a community of thousands of volunteer developers. And that you can have the application completely free.

What is WordPress used for, and who is it for?

The reason for using this type of application (CMS) is straightforward: they allow you to create websites and their contents in a visual way, without having to program, in a similar way to how you work in a modern text editor such as Microsoft Word, by example.

It was not always the case. At the beginning of the web, web pages had to be encoded in a language called HTML (a kind of programming language) Whose operation you can get an idea here:

Creating an HTML web page is something surprisingly easy to learn for non-technical people, and it is well worth doing because you access another level of possibilities for your website.

Programming in HTML by hand to create content was tedious, inefficient, and limited. Creating a web page became “stone biting” and, above all, things with a bit of functionality and logic. Such as a simple comments section. For example, requires considerable effort and were only available to programmers.

That is why the CMS was born: they are web applications that allow the user to create the contents with a visual interface, in a fast and straightforward way and without programming knowledge, something that allows practically anyone to handle them.

Then, it is the CMS that generates “behind” the HTML without the user having to intervene. Besides, CMS already incorporates the typical features that repeats in almost all websites. Such as the example of the comments section, contact forms, etc.

What websites can be created with WordPress?

Everyone knows that WordPress is widely popular in creation of personal blogs. What is much less known is the fact that WordPress allows you to create virtually any type of website: not only personal sites and blogs but also corporate websites, magazines, online stores. Even for digital newspapers, WordPress is a frequent option.

Many of the best-known companies worldwide use WordPress for their websites. What is often surprising is the number of sites of world-famous brands that are based on WordPress.

In the WordPress Website Showcase of You can find a list of websites of companies that belong to the Fortune 500. Which is the annual list by Fortune magazine with 500 US companies with the highest market value.

What are WordPress plug-ins?

Being free and open-source software has been one of the essential factors in the success of WordPress. Another of the great factors has been its architecture. Due to the themes and plug-ins, is tremendously flexible. Which has allowed WordPress to adjust to virtually any need a user may have.

Plug-in is a term quite used to refer to a software component (code) with very specific functionality. It is very easy to add an existing application to expand it with this new functionality. It also uses this idea. For example, in web browsers where many of them allow you to use plug-ins. That are also called “extensions”, “add-ons”, etc.


In the plug-in repository, you will find more than 50,000 free WordPress plug-ins to add all kinds of functionality to the WordPress. Besides, you also have a tremendous amount of payment plug-ins of different brands.

An example of a straightforward and handy plug-in that we use in this blog is the NextScripts Auto-poster. In this plug-in, after the publication of a blog post. It automatically disseminates the blog post in all those accounts and that we have configured. It saves us a lot of time. There is some handy features such as being able to create a publication wheel. That is, periodically republish existing content.

Another example of a plug-in, in this case, much broader in functionality, would be WooCommerce, the most popular online store creation plug-in for WordPress and, in general, one of the most popular solutions for creating assignment help online stores. Both plug-INS are also examples of “freemium” products that are those products for which the manufacturer creates, together with the commercial payment version, a limited free version that allows you to know the product before buying it.

What is WordPress templates?

WordPress templates (or “themes”) are a concept very similar to plug-ins. But they are specifically for web design. The appearance of WordPress, but often also include some functionality.

The templates work as “prefabricated” designs, with their layout style, their typefaces, font sizes, their set and color combinations, etc. The grace of this is that the templates are 100% independent of the content. And that allows you to change the design on a WordPress site almost as easy as someone who changes suits.

It is to choose a new template, activate it, make some minor adjustments (configure the logo, select header images, etc.). And you have already changed the design to your site altogether. The counterpart is that the vast majority of templates. Especially free ones, are usually have some limitations in terms of customization possibilities.

It is true that you can customize all templates with the WordPress CSS editor. Which gives a lot of play. But this already requires the help of a web designer or acquires some knowledge of CSS.

How to install WordPress step by step

Now that you know where to get the application, the question is: how to turn this into a web? Note that, as with any other application, for this, you have to install WordPress on a computer. Such as when you install programs on your PC or new apps on your mobile.


But as we are talking about a program to create a web visible to the public.We also need a computer connected to the Internet and an IP address linked to a domain name and that this computer is running 24 hours a day.

Although all this could be mounted in your home, it does not seem very practical. Preparing the computer to be able to install WordPress requires serious technical knowledge. And the idea of ​​having a computer connected 24 hours for this is also not very attractive. A data center such as those used to offer services of web hosting. In this case, it is one of Google’s data centers. And this is where the concept of web hosting comes in.

In a web hosting service (or dry hosting), you can rent a computer in a computer farm (called data centers) already prepared for all this where you would only have to install WordPress. It would be something like renting a home (your computer) in a building (the data center). Now you will also understand why the term “accommodation” is used in this.

It is important that you know that this type of installation does not talk about computers. But “servers,” a compelling example of computer and specially designed for these environments. Moreover, 99.9% of people have to rent a “piece” of a server. This “piece” is perfectly isolate from other customers and you as a user. You will feel as if it were a machine for you only.

Returning to our simile would be to rent a single room with your private and shared space inside the house. It is the shared hosting. Allows you to have dozens of websites on the same server. It has been a real revolution because it has allows to create a professional level website at very low prices.

Performance/price ratio

If the only thing that worries you is that you have to pay. It is clear: your option is the free plan. In terms of pure performance, in terms of server speed, security, etc. The benefits are going to be very similar between And excellent hosting for the performance/price ratio at the level of design and functionality.

Here, the situation is straightforward: you will always win the hosting because here, there is simply no limit. Besides, the difference between plans other than the Business plan is very high.

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