Why is Smart Fridge a Smart Choice?

A smart refrigerator features a touchscreen interface and is connected to the cloud. It includes internal cameras, user-controlled cooling options, and tells if you’re running out of juice or if the refrigerator’s door is left open.

Moreover, you can use your smartphone to see what is inside; calendar entries that appear on the screen, or send and receive notes. 

Furthermore, some smart refrigerators of leading brands can even connect with other devices in your home; like speakers, smart microwaves, smart TVs, and even your smart dishwasher. In short, it’s more than a fridge. Let’s talk about why smart fridge a smart choice. 

Smart Refrigerator Features

Not all intelligent refrigerators have the same features but vary by brand and model you intend to purchase. Here is an overview of some key features you never knew a fridge could do. 

Use the touchscreen interface to:

  • Look up recipes and let your refrigerator read the steps while you cook.
  • Coordinate schedules for your family members.
  • Create grocery lists in real-time (that sync to your smartphone). 
  • Receive notifications when food goes out of stock.
  • Create individual profiles for your loved ones to send them personal notes.
  • Upload photos for display.
  • Leave messages for your family by using a whiteboard option.
  • Look inside the fridge (with the help of transparent touch screens) without opening the door.

Apart from this touchscreen interface feature a smart fridge can 

  • Customize temperature by compartment or drawer.
  • Alert you when there is a need to change water filter.
  • Use interior cameras to double-check if you’re low on eggs or milk.
  • Switch an ice maker on or off from your smartphone.

Common Concerns About Smart Refrigerators

With so many built-in features and connectivity, many homeowners have concerns about purchasing a smart refrigerator, if it is a smart decision or not. Let’s talk about the common concerns that usually people have when it comes to investing in an intelligent fridge.

Are Smart Refrigerators Expensive Than Regular One?

 Because you get all in one, the price is a bit high as compared to the traditional fridge. But by the passage of time, the prices have come down significantly as new models by top brands have become available. Also, the price depends on the style of the fridge. If you choose a smart refrigerator with a French door style or bottom-drawer freezer, it will cost you thousand dollars more. 

Will My Smart Refrigerator Become Obsolete?

 The most common concern of homeowners while investing in a smart fridge is that when a new model comes out, will the old one get obsolete? The answer is NO.

Wi-Fi connectivity means your refrigerator could receive the latest software updates and features as they are developed and released. The manufacturers ensure that your smart fridge should stay smarter and up-to-date with the latest technology.

Moreover, most technology companies take care of their customers by sending software updates during the night when there is less use of the fridge and to avoid hassles for users. 

Are Repairs For Smart Refrigerators Expensive? 

Yes or no

As compared to traditional ones, the main components of the smart fridge such as condenser compressors, coils, fans, and so on would cost the same to repair. However, the repair cost of special features such as built-in coffee maker, hands-free door opening sensors, or the touchscreen interface failure cost high. 

*Manufacturers designed smart fridge for typical family use, and so its average lifespan is about 15 years. 

More Ways Smart Refrigerators Impress

Depending on the brand, some latest model smart fridge provides both cold and hot water. The temperature control is your hand. You can set the amount of water you want to be heated, and the fridge sensor sends a notification to your mobile device when water gets ready. 

Should You Invest in a Smart Refrigerator?

A typical refrigerator consumed 1278 kilowatt hours annually and had about 19.6 of storage space. Whereas, smart refrigerators on average, consume around 498- kilowatt hours annually and spore 21.9% capacity.

In short, advanced technology refrigerators are far more energy-efficient than the traditional ones, so isn’t it a good idea to invest in technology refrigerators? Convenience is taken to the next level!

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