7 Important Reasons Why You Should Use Python

Python Programming has successfully secured its position on the TIOBE Programming Community Index as one of the top 10 programming languages of 2019. 

Though Python is being used for general purposes, this language is highly suitable for high-level programming. This programming language can easily be used for various purposes such as web maintenance, Website development, web application, and GUI application by the programmers.

 This application lets you focus on the core functionality of the application while taking care of common programming tasks. Python’s simple syntax programming language makes it easier for the programmers to make the codes readable and makes this application maintainable. 

For beginners, its always easy to learn Python as this programming language is quite easier to learn. Not only that, It is powerful enough to build a new web application and automate other boring stuff.

It also offers you a great reach towards APIs, libraries, frameworks, and domains such as data science, machine learning, and web development.

Here, we are listing a few reasons why one should use Python Programming.

1. Codes are Readable and Maintainable

Quality always plays an important role when you program or develop software. You can easily express concepts without writing any additional code following Python’s syntax rules. At the same time, Python focuses on code readability. You can write a code using keywords in English, avoiding any punctuation. 

Such clean and readable codes let you update and maintain software without putting extra time and effort. 

2. Multiple Programming Paradigms

Every programming language offers during paradigms, and it’s a programmer’s call to choose the appropriate one according to their requirements. Like any other programming language, It provides different paradigms to the developers.

This language supports object-oriented and structured programming completely. At the same time, its language features to support various concepts in aspect-oriented and functional programming. 

These language features and paradigms in it helps a developer to develop complex and large applications using Python Programming.

3. Compatibility with Major Platforms

 Lately, Python supports quite a lot of operating systems. At the same time, developers can run the code on various tools and platforms using Python Interpreters. One can easily run the same code on different platforms without recompilation using this language. 

Hence, developers do not need to recompile a certain code after making any alteration. They can easily run code after alteration and check its impacts. It makes it easier for the developers to make changes in codes without wasting much time on it.

4. Powerful Standard Library

Python programming comes with a powerful programming library that makes it significant, among others. It allows developers to choose from a vast range of modules, depending on their requirements. Each module lets you add functionality to the python web development library that’s too without writing any additional code.  

While working on an application using Python developers can use specific modules to imply web services, manage operating system interfaces, perform string operations, or work with internet protocols.

Browsing through Python Standard Library Documentation, developers can have vogue ideas on various modules of this language

5. Various Open Source Framework and Tools

Python Programming is an open-source framework. Hence, it helps developers to cut down software development costs significantly. One can use several open-source such as Python framework, libraries, and development tools to reduce developing time without increasing the cost involved in it. 

Developers have an option to choose from a vast range of Python frameworks and developing tools as per their requirements.

Using the Python Web framework like CherryPy, Bottle, Pyramid, Flask, and Django, developers can quickly speed up and simplify the app development process. Similarly, using Python GUI frameworks and similar toolkits such as PyQT, PyJs, PyGUI, Kivy, PyGTK, and WxPython developers can quickly accelerate desktop GUI application development. 

6. Simplifies Complex Software Development

We can easily use Python programming for general purposes. Using these programming language, developers can develop both desktop and web applications. Similarly, it can be used to simplify complex scientific and numeric applications.

It is designed, such as one that can facilitate to analyze data and for visualization. 

With the help of Python Data analyze feature, developers can create custom big data solutions without putting extra time and effort. 

Similarly, data visualization libraries and APIs in Python programming allow the developers to visualize and present all the data in a more effective as well as effective way.  

Some developers use Python programming to avail artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing tasks.

7. Test-Driven Development

We use Python Programming to create prototype software rapidly. Re-factoring the python code, one can easily build software applications directly from the prototype. By adopting the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach, it gets easier for developers to perform coding and testing at the same time.

Developers can write the needed tests before writing codes and use the tests to access the codes continuously. These tests can also be used to check if the application can meet the predefined requirements based on its source codes.


These following features present in Python programming has made is one of the most used and preferable programming languages in this ongoing year. At the same time, learning data science and machine language have become easier using it. Though developers can easily get machine learning tools in Java, it gets easier when you use Python. 

As the codes generated through Python are easily readable, developers do not need to face problems like classpath in Java or compiler issues like C++. This benefit makes it dear to the developers.

And one best thing about using this programming language is, programmers using Python are one of the highest-paid developers, especially in fields like data science, machine learning, and web development. 

But like every other thing, Python has its own set of drawbacks. 

It generally lacks some of the in-built features that are easily accessible by other modern programming languages. 

Therefore, developers need to use Python libraries, modules, and frameworks to accelerate custom software development.

Also, Python tends to be slower than another widely-used programming language such as C++ or Java. That no doubt is a huge shortcoming for this programming language.

But, developers can speed up this programming language by making a few changes to the application code or using custom runtime.    

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