Write for Us

We deliver the words which relate to your feelings. We are your power of speech. We provide a genuine platform to switch around smudges that have been hypnotized to different things.

We encourage you to write about your feelings and opinions. Use our platform and share your thoughts, feelings and ideas freely with the world, we provide a force to change the thinking of people. 

Here are some topics on which you can write. 

  • Gadgets
  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • WordPress

Here are some guidelines you have to follow before writing a content

  • The content should be unique and original.
  • The content should be well researched with few stats.
  • We don’t accept the spinners in the words if we found that we won’t ask you again.
  • We accept 1500-2000 words in the body part. The summary part should not have over 160 words.
  • The content should include high quality images. 1 Image for featured Image and more than 5 for blog content. Keep the image size 700×400.

To submit your guest post on our website, you can simply drop your mail at [email protected]. You can also get in touch with us using our Instagram handle @techbiason